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Wanderlust Magic


Wanderlust Magic

And it was pure magic. 

The moment I entered the stage and felt the energy from that immense sea of ​​beautiful people ... in this situations there were only two ways out: or one freezes or one embraces that immensity, that energy coming from all ​those souls full of love to offer. 

I felt shivers all over my body and I remember to say uauuuu. It was really one of those uauuuu moments. my heart filled up and I felt a great warmth, an energy of love, a higher vibration, a higher frequency that only yoga gives us. A sight of more than 2000 people under a blue sky practicing, breathing, surrendering. I saw the Light. I saw the power of a community of light warriors, I felt that everything is worth it  I felt that our way of love is happening. It's already happening! we are, we are real, we are conscious energy, united and we are the ones who are going guiding the planet.

That class, those 45 minutes of pure light, I will never forget. The moment I saw all the palms united in the direction of the sky, I could have frizzed and stayed right there .. and would be happy forever.

Thank you to all who came from all over the country and abroad. Thank you to everyone who sent me messages of love, support and care. 

A special thanks to Nuno da Silva Carvalho for believing in me from the beginning, with an open heart, pure yogi, and for giving me such a beautiful opportunity. 

Thank you for the Soma team - you make magic.

Thanks to the beautiful team - Bárbara Guevara, Rute Caldeira, Jean-Pierre, Arli, Alan for making this event unique. Thank you to my DJ MaryB for being by my side with such soft and melodious music! 

Thanks to Edgar Raphael for the fantastic photo report where we can see the biggest downdog Portugal has ever seen.

Thank you to my sister Leonor and to Silvia Stojanovic for being such good support pillars beside me in that mega class.

Thank you Universe. Eternally grateful.

Next year we are back!


Thursday, October 19, 2017/Categories: PRACTICE



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