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At the age of four, we moved to Macau. Thinking about it, believe this fact would change my life forever. Growing up as a traveller, discovering the world still is one of my favourite things to do today and blesses me with more then one place called home.

Growing up in a traditional Portuguese family grounded me with strong values yet didn’t offer big opportunity for a spiritual path. Still I grew up surrounded by incense, Buddhist temples, catholic churches, jesuit priests, fengshui. Macau would be one of the big gifts my parents gave us.

At 18, I came to Europe to study Law at the University of Lisbon and I am grateful for the structured mind it offered me yet becoming a Journalist was my long time dream. I loved the 12 years in a newsroom, I enjoyed each moment of my job specially the connection with peoples stories. But in life the only constance is the change, I changed, my circumstances changed and the newsroom days transformed into a yoga dedicated life in Ubud, in Bali.

In the spiritual mecca of the yoga, I deepened my practice, I expanded my knowledge, I grew internally. Living in a place where spirituality is a lifestyle irrevocably changes us. Who we are becomes clearer and I had to face my deepest hidden fears - a cleaning process which I am so glad I went through. With the Ashtanga Yoga practice as tool to strengthening and purify, the journey has been intense, profound and yet to discover its destiny. It doesn't really matter, the journey is just to enjoy the ride.

Namaste. Om Swasti Astu.

I bow to the lotus feet of the Gurus and the Gurus before for their guidance and path. Being blessed with a life filled with discovery and love, they also proportioned a much richer and meaningful journey. I here bow to you dear Gurus with heart gratitude.

A former dancer, Filipa Veiga began her Ashtanga Yoga practice as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Lisbon in 2004 with Isa Guitana and Tarik van Prehn. Since then, the journey has been as challenging as empowering. Yet, the focus of the path as been strong, which gave ground to Filipa to engage in variant studies of yoga and many travels to India to further research into the practice. Since 2013, she travels every year to Mysore to study with her ParamaGuru, Sharath Jois, at KPJAYI in Mysore, India.

Filipa started teaching Ashtanga Yoga in Bali in different studios as Radiantly Alive and Taksu, in Ubud. At the present she teaches between Portugal and Bali where she gives group and private classes. One of her great passions is facilitating yoga retreats, the perfect atmosphere to deepen the practice as well as start a new one.

The passion for journalism still is maintained with her blog Yoga-me, which gave name to Filipa´s first book published in 2016.

Parallel, Filipa is attending an Ayurveda program with her teacher Dr. Chitralekha from the Ayurveda Medical College in Mysore.

Yoga Me - About